Monday, November 30, 2009


Plan your promotional activities to support your marketing efforts

A marketing communications plan should be developed at the beginning of each year. Promotional activities are most likely part of your marketing communications plan. Promotional options should be evaluated and narrowed to best suit the marketing objectives established. A promotional budget will help you allocate for certain activities. It will help you manage expenses and resources throughout the year.

Let me suggest re-reading my Blog Post: Are you overwhelmed and feel that your marketing program lacks focus? This Blog offers suggestions of what a corporate marketer needs to put a written plan together. Once you begin to outline your integrated marketing communications plan, various promotional activities, such as Internet, brochures and direct mailings, will most like be used in your marketing and sales efforts. The analytical measurement of your marketing communication activities will be covered separately.

Lets look at various tactics and what to consider in putting together a good mix for your promotional budget.

  • Your website is part of your online presence. Could it be that you don’t have a website? Or are you ready for a new phase to your current website? Do you need to add ecommerce? How long has it been since you reviewed your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Don’t forget the cost of hosting and the need for future updates in your budgeting.
  • Do you have collateral needs this year? Do you need to create and print any new brochures, case studies, or sell sheets? Do you anticipate the need to reprint any old collateral? The creative, production and printing of collateral make up this budget portion.
  • Is direct marketing part of the communications mix? Do you have a catalog for direct order to produce? Is there a post card, direct mail, and newsletter campaign you see for this year? The creation, reproduction and distributions of these vehicles make up this line item.
  • Have you considered using any broadcast promotions like audio, video, Internet TV, Vlogs? The Internet provides unique ways to distribute these broadcast promotions. One example is the popular video-sharing site YouTube. Budget for the creation and posting strategy for the content as well as the tactics needed to attract the listeners and viewers.
  • What type of interactive promotion makes sense? The program should value, engage and reward your target audience. Whether it’s in the online or offline world, here are some ideas to consider: cd-roms, kiosks, games, contests, reward and incentive programs. An interactive promotion, that audiences won’t ignore and find interesting, may be a worthwhile investment. The content creation, distribution and promotion should be budgeted for.
  • What online tools have you considered for creating and distributing your promotional message? Is sending e-mails a way to get timely information out to your target audience? Is an informative Blog a way to build regular traffic to your website? Does your audience desire up-to-date announcements via a RSS feed, SMS mobile messaging or podcasts? Does using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn fit the plan? Is creating and promoting your own social community a way to enhance your online presence? Again budget for the creation and posting of your online promotional vehicles.
  • How about guerilla marketing? While it can be easier said than done, you need a targeted idea that provides maximum impact at a minimum expense? Is it an online viral or buzz marketing promotion or an offline word-of-mouth campaign? Would a grassroots marketing approach work to reach customers more individually? Is there a way to have customers engaged in an experimental marketing environment?
  • And lastly, promotional products can get your companies name in front of your audience on an item that they may keep for a long time. Whether it is a key chain, pen, t-shirt or a unique gift — the product can be used as a giveaway or motivator and themed to a larger promotional plan. Your budget can vary depending on the product you choose as well as the quantity purchased.
As an advertising agency, Brigham & Rago is ready to help put together an integrated communications plan to keep or capture new market share. This plan will likely include one or more promotional vehicles. We are ready to assist in the promotional plan as well as the creation and execution of the unique project. Call 973-656-9006 to set up a meeting to discuss your next communications project. Visit our online portfolio to see examples of work we’ve created for our clients.


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Denise K. Rago said...

I am hoping to have a website sometime soon to promote my novels and my writing. I would love to have you help me create it as your work is impeccable and you have great ideas.