Monday, July 19, 2010


How do you describe your marketing goals and objectives? Think in terms of long- and short-term and put them in priority order.

The second portion of a marketing audit is where you describe your marketing goals and objectives. Divide your goals and objectives in two categories: long-term (things that might be accomplished in 24 months or more) and short-term (things that might be accomplished in 12 months or less). You should also put them in an order of priority with 6 to 8 goals in your long-term section and 3 to 4 goals for your short-term.

By writing these down they can be continually evaluated, measured, and enhanced so they can be successfully achieved. Goals and objectives should be precise about what is to be achieved. You should also quantify when the results are to be accomplished so it is measureable. All goals and objectives should be reasonable. Make sure that you have the resources to make them happen. Ask yourself if you have the men, money, machines, materials or minutes to achieve these results? Don’t attempt to do too much.

Here are some examples of quantitative goals and objectives to consider for your marketing audit:
  • increase company visibility or advertising awareness from 12% to 25% in 24 months
  • increase market share or audience size by 20% end of 4th quarter
  • differentiate from competition by making preferred luxury brand within 36 months
  • increase sales dollars or sales units from $200,000 to $400,000 in 24 months
  • generate qualified 5 – 10 sales leads or new distribution channels in South American region in next 12 months
  • maintain market share through next six months
  • increase usage within existing customers by 10% within 12 months.
As an advertising agency, Brigham and Rago is here to help businesses develop marketing communications plans to keep or capture new market share. The marketing audit process can help your company analysis and evaluate your approaches, activities, aims and results achieved. We look forward to working with your company to develop a powerful marketing communications program to meet your business objectives. Call 973-656-9006 to set up a meeting to discuss your next communications project. Visit our online portfolio to see examples of work we’ve created for our clients.

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